Website building, Conversion from Other CMS to WordPress


Snack21 is treats for pets that use only one ingredient, Wild Pacific fish. This website creation was a conversion project from Joomla to WordPress.

This project’s goal was the conversion website from Joomla to WordPress. Their previous website had already stopped to access because of malware infection. They did not have any data of website in thir hands, therefore I  had to collect data from Joomla database on MySQL.

Here is a list of work I did to meet the requirements:

  • Collection of the contents data from Joomla database
  • Developement of the HTML into the custom WordPress theme based on a free theme, JointsWP
  • Development and improvement of HTML, CSS, and the site designs

If you have dog(s) or cat(s), why not try out Snack21.


HTML, CSS3 with Foundation6, SASS, Javascript with jQuery, WordPress, and WorPress Theme