Hockey League Website and Management System

Kushiro Ice Hockey Beer League (in Japanese)
CodeIgniter CSS HTML jQuery PHP

“Kushiro Ice Hockey Beer League” is a local adult hockey league in Kushiro, Japan. This hockey league website and management system are the first ice hockey statistics website/system in Japan. My role in establishing this system was a project manager and a developer. I developed and implemented all programs (PHP/CodeIgniter, JavaScript/jQuery) and database design. We hired a web designer for the page designs. And then, I implemented as View in CodeIgniter.

Here is a list of my work I did:

  • Management of development schedule
  • Function design
  • Created the data models of database
  • Development of all programs
  • Implementation and modification of the page designs (HTML, CSS, jQuery)

I was offered to develop and manage this project by one of my friend who is a former professional ice hockey player in Japan and this project was one of his dream. I am really proud to hear that this website is enjoyed by the users.


HTML, CSS, Javascript with jQuery, and PHP with CodeIgniter