Hello! My name is Tak and I am a Systems Analyst, also a Full Stack Developer.
I have 10+ years experience in the IT field.

I have worked as a software developer, quality assurance engineer, systems engineer, and IT support technician.
My programming experience includes but not limited, development of Windows applications, device firmwares, and websites.

I am familiar with programming PHP for web development.
I mainly use PHP with CodeIgniter and recently started using Laravel, CSS with Foundation, and JavaScript with jQuery.

I also have experience in managing projects and providing technical support for customers.
My former mentor said I was a well organized and reliable person, also a good problem solver.

I have the most memorable experience with a client and this is why I love the development field.
At the time, I worked as a QA engineer and technical suport technician. When I visited a client’s office and met the end users. Then, one of the user told me how they were so satisfied with the system and how their work became efficiency. He was almost crying with his joy. I have never forgotten that experience and the excitement of developing systems to help others. It is my pleasure to use my skills to develop and contribute to the community and to help others.

Takeshi (Tak) Mimasu
Takeshi (Tak) Mimasu